Friday, January 2, 2015

Three Little Kittens Rhyme & Speech Activities

This was a fun Winter activity to create for my little ones. There are a variety of activities to cover a multitude of IEP objectives. Children will be enjoying the activities with this rhyme and they won't even realize they are working!

1.Story sequencing - Child can color all the pieces of the story. Tell the rhyme as the child listens and puts the pieces in order. THen the child can tell story using pictures. Ask Wh questions about the story.
2.Voice inflection, rate and prosody 
3.Grammatical structures 
4.Speech sounds - labials (p,b,m) and velars (k,g) 

Choose an activity related to your IEP objectives:
1.      Story sequencing -  Child can color all the pieces of the story.   Tell the rhyme as the child listens and puts the pieces in order:
·         Three kittens lost their mittens - put out the 3 kittens without their mittens – hide mittens by boots
·         Three kittens found their mittens - look for mittens by boots – one pair under boots, one pair in back of boots and one pair on boots. Then put boots and mittens on kittens.
·         Kittens ate pie
·         Kittens got mittens dirty and cleaned  them with soap
·         Kittens hung up mittens on clothesline
·         Then kittens saw 3 mice – they each caught a mouse – Gotcha!
·         Now have child tell story using pictures
·         Ask Wh questions about the story

2.      Voice Inflection and Prosody
·         Rhymes are the perfect venue for practicing changes in voice volume, rate and pitch. Children love to role play – kitten voice can be high pitched with faster rate and mommy voice can be lower pitch with slower rate.
·          Two syllable words and sound patterns – using medial sounds and words in phrases- kittens, mittens, mommy, little, meow,  gotcha

3.      Grammatical structures
·         Regular verbs (looked, cleaned) and irregular past verbs (lost, found, ate, got, caught, saw)
·         Pronouns – you, your, they, we, their, our
·         Compare sizes of kittens, mittens & boots– big, bigger, biggest or small, smaller, smallest
·         I am (coloring)– use this phrase while coloring
·         He/She  has - child can give the kittens names and give them a gender – child can describe colors of mittens and boots, e.g. She has pink and brown mittens
·         Plural S – count the kittens, mittens, boots, pies, etc.

4.      Speech Sounds
·         Labial sounds – mittens, meow, mommy, boots, pie, purr, mouse, mice, big, bigger, biggest
*While coloring pictures use colors with labial sounds – brown, black, purple, pink, blue
* Carrier phrases – I pick color, my turn
·         Velar sounds – kittens, cry, cute, cleaned, good, look, gotcha, big, bigger, biggest, color, cut, glue
*While coloring, cutting or gluing pictures use colors with velar sounds – black, grey, green, pink
 *Carrier phrases, I am  coloring, I want the color, I am cutting, I am gluing

Three Little Kittens ( Slightly Modified)
© Original by Leanne Guenther
Three little kittens, they lost their mittens,
And they began to cry
“Oh mommy mommy we lost our mittens”
What?  Lost your mittens!
You poor little kittens!
 "Meow, meow, meow"

“Put on your boots and let’s look for your mittens”
      Three little kittens, they found their mittens by their boots
And they began to cry
     “Oh mommy mommy look, we found our mittens”
 Put on your mittens
You cute little kittens
And you may have some pie
"Purr-r, purr-r, purr-r"
      The three little kittens put on their boots and mittens
      And  they ate up all the pie
     "Oh mommy mommy, look, we got our mittens dirty”
What?  Your mittens are dirty?
Then they began to cry "Meow, meow, meow"
 The three little kittens, they cleaned their mittens
And they hung them out to dry

“Oh mommy mommy look we cleaned our mittens”     
 What? Cleaned your mittens!
 Oh, you're good kittens ……
“Uh ohhhh….we smell a mouse close by”
Shhhh Shhhhhh   
"Mee-ow, mee-ow. We can see 3 mice close by!”
Gotcha!  Gotcha!   Gotcha!