Sunday, September 2, 2012

Ricki's App Update - 44 Favorites

Ricki's APP update Sept. 2, 2012: 
Go to www.preschoolspeechsource to download an extensive list of "speech" apps.
Sorts apps into categories. 
Bold APPS are new
Highlighted APPS are favorites- 44 (out of 157!)  They are all my favorites, so I did my best to pick my favorite favorite!
9 Developers were chosen as favorites as well, because I like a majority of the apps they have developed:  Pixel Envision, Shoe the Goose, Duck Duck Moose, Maverick Software, Toca Boca, Alligator Apps, Grasshopper Apps, Different Roads to Learning, Super Duper    
Page 1 - AAC,cause-effect,sounds  - helpful for children who may be pre-verbal and/or just beginning to learn to communicate
Page 2 - articulation, books -  articulation apps can give you a list of sounds....doesn't always have to be flashcard can enjoy "drill" during creative activities, e.g. art, books, games
Page 3 - follow directions &
Page 4 - games, puzzles, songs, ABC-123
Page 5 - Vocabulary, language, WH questions