Saturday, August 18, 2012

Review 10 Apps - 7 FREE

I just played with over 50 FREE Apps and felt that the following 10 apps were worth downloading.  GET THEM WHILE THEY ARE FREE!!  (Work in Progress)
Meet Millie - This is the cutest "Lift the Flap" interactive book which features a video of Millie the Shaggy dog (the real deal) when you open each flap.  I would modify the wording of the story for a preschooler who needs a simpler storyline.
The Surprise - NOW $5.99 - no longer FREE - SORRY! This is a well done video in which you tell the story.  You can write the story to the right of the screen and record the story too.  It's about a boy who finds a dog and sneaks him into his house.  The characters have distinct facial expressions which makes this a great app for kids who need work on reading facial expressions and pragmatics.
Sam Phibian - This is a story about a little green frog who eats bugs and grows - great tool for eye tracking - Sam has to tap the bugs which then get swiped by the frog's tongue.
Word Pig - Kids can explore letters and spell/read simple 3-letter words - child's voice says letters and the word when complete.
Pre-K ABC - NOW 1.99 - no longer FREE - SORRY!

Puzzle/ Matching:
Kids Trains, Planes & Sea Vehicles - There are4 FREE motivating puzzle games (you can purchase more.)   When a puzzle is completed kids are rewarded with a variety of sound activated events such as clapping and  popping balloons. Big puzzle pieces and nice graphics.
Play Lab - This is a simple and catchy shapes matching game with upbeat music
Simple Sort - NOW .99 - no longer FREE - SORRY! Play a category game with as few as 1 category to 6 categories
Cause & Effect:
Art of Glow - You can draw using a variety of 8 shapes and 8 colors which continue to move until you press the clear button and start over.  You can control the movements and cycles as well.  Nice sound effects.
Music Animals - Great photos and clear sounds & naming of animal.  12 pics are free.  

Saturday, August 11, 2012

New Resources Added to Preschool Speech Source

Hi Everyone,
New resources have been added to  Check them out!

LessonPix was created by Lori and Bill Binko for the people who support and who love special learners. The goal was an easy online tool to create specific, customized materials for parents, teachers and therapists. Lori and Bill are parents of a special needs child. They have created  picture schedules, bingo games, puppets, "ask for" cards, picture books, playing cards, lacing cards, and more. Request any specific pictures you need.  You can also upload your own photos. 
LessonPix is only $24.00 per year. Thanks to Alicia Lore for sharing!

Toddler Toddler activities games crafts-  Jennifer has enjoyed doing crafts, painting, drawing with her son and  has shared her creative ideas with others on her website.  Well worth checking out!NEW: Toddler Toddler activities games crafts- Jennifer has enjoyed doing crafts, painting, drawing with her son and has shared her creative ideas with others on her website. Well worth checking out!

NEW: Check out Fantastic Organics - healthy recipes for kids and adults.  My husband and I have been eating organic for 16 years.  You are what you eat!    In partnership with Whole Foods Market®, PBS KIDS® has collected tips, ideas, recipes, videos and games to encourage you and your family to explore organics. PBS KIDS and Whole Foods Market are delighted to partner up to help you and your family make conscious decisions about organic foods, and be inspired to create healthy and sustainable lifestyles.

Saturday, August 4, 2012


I have found myself posting on Facebook more than my Blog and am not yet clear of the difference.  I am covering all my bases and posting on my Blog, Facebook, my website and Twitter.  Whew!!!   There has to be an easier way, but still learning.  Anyway, Momswithapps just celebrated App Friday.  Many FREE apps were listed, although the only one I really liked was Kapu Forest. (FREE for limited time only.)  Many of the other apps were "Samples" and you had to purchase additional apps to use it effectively or there were too many ads.  Thanks to Digital Storytime I found the following FREE Story Apps which very cute and simple.  Click on Title for more info.
Josh & Emma Go to the Beach- Narrated slowly by a young child.  Interactive activities throughout the story, e.g. "What's next to the big rock?"  Two orange pointy starfish - you can tie in concepts of position, attributes, etc. This book will help a child who is easily distracted follow simple directions.
Miss Spider's Tea Party - A favorite story of mine written by David Kirk.  Listen to the interactive story, watch the video, match pictures, color, or do a puzzle - nice background music
Thomas & Friends- Pop Goes Thomas and Creaky Cranky are FREE.  You can purchase other titles.  Play a matching game, color, or complete a puzzle - when the puzzle is completed, a short video plays
I came upon the following FREE apps which are going to be a hit with our preschoolers:
Music Sparkles - This is a terrific cause & effect app for kids who need to learn that every actions creates a reaction.  This app comes with 2 FREE instruments, the xylophone and drums. You can purchase other instruments, but for my purpose, these two instruments are fine.  The sounds are clear and defined.  Observe the child's behavior of randomly hitting the instrument or purposeful hitting with intention.
Musical Flash Cards Animals- There are 12 colorful FREE photos of animals. You can purchase additional animals. Tap on an animal and it makes the sound.  Tap the printed word at the bottom of the screen to hear the word.