Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ricki's Preschool App Update

I just redesigned my Blog withThe Hummingbird, who I genuinely admire.  It can effortlessly fly in any direction (up, down, forward, backward) and hover in one spot. It can elicit  so  much energy and joy.  With all the multi-tasking I have to do, I calm myself with occasional stares at the hand-painted illustration of hummingbirds hanging on my wall in my office.  Just a reminder that no matter how busy we are..... beauty, peace and calm come with the little joys in life:) 

Download my newest app update  at

I have added 53 apps and 62 favorites.....a total 

of 241 apps!

Apps are sorted into categories listed below:

Bold APPS are new.    Highlighted APPS are favorites.

They are all my favorites, so I did my best to pick my favorite favorite!

Page 1 - AAC,cause-effect,sounds  - helpful for children who may be pre-verbal and/or just beginning to learn to communicate

Page 2 - articulation, books -  articulation apps can give you a list of sounds....doesn't always have to be flashcard can enjoy "drill" during creative activities, e.g. art, books, games

Page 3 - follow directions & sequence

Page 4 - games, puzzles, songs, ABC-123

Page 5 - Vocabulary, language, WH questions

Page 6 – more vocabulary-language, classification-assoc, Wh quest

Page 7 – ABC, 123, phonics, reinforcement